Scream ... The latest technology to charge the mobile phone

Korean scientists to develop new technology for mobile phone battery by shouting rather than electricity, where the technical conversion of audio frequencies to power, in the context of mobile companies compete to develop methods of shipment provided, clean and environmentally friendly.

Scream ... The latest technology to charge the mobile phone

According to the Daily Telegraph ” to “ expert at the University of sonkion Kwan in charge of research, Dr. sang Koo Kim, said: “ we tried to find a way to convert the audio energy around us, such as speech and music, to power and exploitation of shipping mobile phones ”.

And already produced ” “ company Samsung in April 2011 a phone works on its own battery by oxygen, by converting wind into electrical energy ayonath, where the new phone battery for direct methanol fuel operating oxygen instead of lithium ion rechargeable.

Nokia has recently been chanting: friends of the environment, the one on the exploitation of thermal energy into electrical energy, whereas the second battery shipped water, gas or water sweetened drinks sures shift to electric energy used in the operation of the phone.

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